I am a graduate of an Indiana University Informatics program, and a licensed Respiratory Therapist in the state of Indiana. As a graduate of informatics, I have focused heavily on the social and business aspect of computing and technology. I am also a freelance worker, guitarist, husband, and the father of two.

I started working in the medical field in 2004. I started out as a Patient Transporter, was then given the opportunity to work in the operating room as a Patient Service Assistant, then promoted to Anesthesia Technician. I have been a Respiratory Therapist since graduating from Ivy Tech Community College in 2010 with an Associate of Science degree in respiratory care. I have been working at a local hospital as a Respiratory Therapist ever since.

After seven years of working in a hospital, and a year of working as a therapist I decided that it would be best for my family and myself that I go back to school in pursuit of the skills that would help me advance my career to the next level. I chose to get into Informatics because of my lifelong joy of technology, and the fact that it would allow me to build on the degree I had already obtained.

I was recently (April 2014) promoted to mnager of respiratory care at my hospital. It is my responsibility to oversee the day to day operations of the respiratory care department. In addition to that, as a manager who is activley involved in patient care, I treat and care for those with acute and chronic respiratory illnesses.

What Is Informatics?

Informatics can be defined as the study and application of information technology to the arts, sciences, and professions, and to its use in organizations and society at large. As a graduate of Informatics, I have been exposed to creating and developing tools, applications, and processes that can help businesses meet their technological needs. Informatics also focuses heavily on human computer interaction, social interactions, security, and privacy concerns.

Informatics is a human based approach to implement technology that can help an individual or organization; because of this it is important to not confuse Informatics with Computer Science, Engineering, Information Technology, Information Systems, or any other technological disipline.

Having someone on your staff or team that is a graduate of an informatics program can be a great asset, to see how check out The Impact of Informatics.

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