Abacus Mechanical

January 2015 - Present

What is it?

This is a website I created for a local HVAC company called Abacus Mechanical using Bootstrap, . I chose Bootstrap for the page because it is a mobile first platform. Since a large percentage of people browse the internet on their phone I wanted them to be able to view the page the same as anyone in a web browser on a computer. I also created the logo for the company using Adobe Illustrator. The logo uses a serif font to give it a look of good foundation, while the images subtlety appear to be part of an abacus with the heat and cold elements meeting in the center.


Novemeber 2014

What is it?

I created this site while trying to learn more about HTML5 and CSS3. What I did was take a template of a website from a PSD file, and convert it into a fully valid HTML5 and CSS3 web page. During the course, I went from cropping the pictures displayed on the site from a PSD file, to creating the skeleton of the website with HTML5, then coding the CSS3 to give it all of its awesome styles. I plan on creating a template in photoshop, and coding it on the look-out.

BBC Clone Site

October 2014

What is it?

This is a duplicate of the BBC News website (actual BBC site link for you to compare with my creation).I made this clone site in my attempt to increase my skills with HTML and CSS. I started by creating the navigation bar that includes the BBC logo, the sign in, search, and other points of interest. I then created the News UK bar with the globe in the background. Once these two were created, the navigation bar with different countries was created. I took the first headline and image from the BBC website , and then tried to have fun with it by creating my own ‘news’ headlines. I learned a lot about both HTML and CSS while working on this project.

Go Cards Forum

September 2014 - January 2015

What is it?

GoCardsForum is a forum, or bulletin board, website that was created for the fans of the Louisville Cardinal athletics. While there are many forums available online, I began to notice that in many of them, in order to see all of the content, it required you to pay a membership fee. It seems you cant have a good service online these days without paying some kind of service fee. The beauty of this site is that it is 100% Free! I do not plan to ever add a paid membership option. If the site gains in popularity, which I hope it will, I may add some ads to generate income since I will have to update the servers. I also created the logo/banner for this project. It is powered by Simple Machine Forums.

The Open Crowd Project

August 2013 - May 2014

What is it?

The Open Crowd Project is a collaborative project using 3D scanning and printing technology to create a “crowd” of people printed with 3D printers. The goal of this project is to collaborate with people who may be in different geographic areas, but who are willing to come together and collaborate through an online space. The Open Crowd Project is a creative endeavor founded by artist and professor, Brian Harper. In order to obtain the 3D rendered images of people Brian Harper would have to take many pictures of the individual, which proved to be very time consuming and awkward. He did have some software that utilized the technology available with the Microsoft Kinect to obtain a 3D scan; however these scans lacked key features that could identify the individual amongst the “crowd”.


April 2013 - May 2013

What is it?

In medical facilities throughout the nation nurses are constantly taking out time they could be caring for patients by waiting on a phone call from the doctor. Doctors, like nurses, are very busy people who cannot always call back right away. The doctor may be at another facility, driving, with another patient, or even dealing with some of their own family matters. To solve this problem, a mobile application could be developed that would allow doctors to view the results to the tests they ordered and to allow them to create new orders to treat any abnormalities they find. Once they place these orders the nurse or supporting staff would be notified so that they could proceed in oing what the doctor asked. The mobile application to be discussed here is titled: HERO, HERO is an acronym for History, Exam, Results, and Orders. If a doctor is given these options, it will be the next best thing to seeing the patient firsthand.

CSCW: In Healthcare

January 2013 - April 2013

What is it?

Since health care work is naturally collaborative, the doctor gives the order then the support staff act upon this order to help the patient, this website could help ease the transition into more of a computer based dialog. This will always record what is being said about the patients and make it part of their medical record. It was designed using the bottom up approach of the five planes of design. The web applications working title is appropriately named “Computer Supported Collaborative Work in Healthcare”. In the following paragraphs the design process will be explained in detail.


October 2012 - December 2012

What is it?

Blipworks is a cloud-based document management system that operates in the user’s web browser. The application allows users to keep track of their existing documents, and even allows them to create new documents; all without leaving the web browser. Blipworks is also formatted to allow metadata to be added to each document stored in the system. In the following paragraphs I will describe task analysis, three use cases, user testing, and the information architecture in my design of Blipworks.

Video Editor Web Application

August 2012 - October 2012

What is it?

This cloud-based video editor is one that lives on the web. In order to use this program you would not need to download it or install any software. You simply navigate to the site, open it, and begin viewing and editing your videos.